Next Steps

  1. Add a default set of CSS classes to allow the use of a default CSS file to improve the appearence of the controls. DONE 2010-07-27
  2. Remove the form controls (like TextBox or ComboBox) from ModelViewHtmlHelper extension and put it in an extention of ModelViewForm class allowing the controls to share some common info with the form and between the other controls of the form. The form should be created as "using(form = {Html | Ajax}.Form(...)) and the control should be created as "form.TextBox" intead of "Html.TextBox" inside the using. DONE 2010-07-26
  3. In the Grid:
    1. The grid should became a class like the form tu use the "using" statement. I'm creating ans experimenting with a ModelViewGrid class. Working Here Now
    2. Command Column DONE 2010-07-23
    3. Add Inline Edit
    4. Add Paging
    5. Add Sorting
    6. Add Filtering
    7. Add Action Menu
    8. Add Selection Column
    9. Create version of the grid a to use inside a form. (from.Grid intead of HtmlGrid)
  4. Continue to improve the Controls
  5. Create the ModelViewMasterPage and ModelViewUserControl to replace the respective original controls. DONE 2010-07-20
  6. Test, Test, Test and Test…
  7. Add new rich controls, like Panels, Tabbed Pages, Calendars etc.
  8. Migrate to MVC3

Any help would be welcome.

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