Improving the controls:

  1. Literal (span)
  2. Image (image)
  3. (To Do) SimplePanel (div)
  4. (To Do) LabeledPanel (fieldset outside a form)
  1. Link
  2. LinkImage
  3. LinkButton
  1. UnorderedList (ol)
  2. OrderedList (ul)
  3. ListItem (li)
  1. Label (label for="field")
    1. When the label is positioned in left of a TextArea, CheckBoxList or RadioButtonSet align it to the firs line of the content instead at the last one.
  2. Hidden (input type="hidden")
  3. DisplayText (span inside a form)
  4. TextBox (input type="text")
  5. Password (input type="password")
  6. SingleCheckBox (input type="checkbox")
  7. TextArea (textarea)
  8. File Upload (input type="file")
  9. ComboBox (select)
  10. ListBox (select multiple="multiple")
  11. CheckBoxList (many checkboxes for a sigle field)
  12. RadioButtonSet (many radiobuttons for a sigle field)
  13. (To Do) Image (image inside a form)
  14. (To Do) Fieldset (fieldset)
    1. Try to make it similar to a "form" with "using"
  1. SubmitButton (button type="submit")
  2. SubmitImage (image with form.Submit())
  3. SubmitLink (a with form.Submit())
  4. ResetButton (button type="reset")
  5. ResetImage (image with form.Reset())
  6. ResetLink (a with form.Reset())
  1. ValidationMessage (span for=field)
  2. ValidationSummary (div)

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